Transactions – MANIFESTA11 Parallel Event: What people do for money

Transactions – MANIFESTA11 Parallel Event: What people do for money


MANIFESTA11. This year the European Biennial of Contemporary Art will be hosted in Zurich, Switzerland (11.6-18.9.2016) on the topic of “What people do for money”. University of Zurich is taking part with the exhibition TRANSACTIONS. is supporting this event through the ongoing research project of Tony Reyhanloo. In collaboration with the stage designer Prisca Baumann, we will be presenting an art installation to communicate research to the public on the topic of “Motives for sustainable investor behaviour in the context of land degradation”.

Program text:
The international conferences on climate change mostly focus on greenhouse gas reduction. However, measures to avoid the degradation of soil, farmland and forests are equally important. In response, the United Nations recognized the halt and reverse of land degradation in their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The problem affects the social welfare and threatens the basis of existence of millions of people. Land degradation is estimated to cost about 490 billion USD per year and the finance sector and its actors play a significant role in the current use of land. But how do motives and perceptions influence sustainable investor behaviour? In this transdisciplinary study, environmentalist Philippe Saner and eco-psychologist Tony Reyhanloo explore how individual investment behaviour shapes our future landscape.

The art installation will be exhibited at the main building of the University of Zurich and is publicly accessible throughout June 2016.

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